Tuesday, May 01, 2007


This exercise by the Clifton Creative Writers Group involved writing a short piece, using the last word of each line as the first word of the following line. The theme was ‘Connections’. I chose to write four little (non-connected) poems, which somehow ended up being about lack of connection.

You are never here when needed
Needed by me, to fill an empty space,
Space that is caused by our lack of connection.
Connection should be vital to me and you
You who are never here.
Here is where you should be.
Be connected.


I don’t think we get on at all
All those fights
Fights which end in tears
Tears that are now no longer genuine
Genuine feelings being gone from our relationship
Relationship which has come to an end
End of our connection.


What is a connection?
Connection can be defined in many ways.
Ways which are foreign to you
You who do not understand.
Understand me now
Now that I am strong enough to say goodbye
Goodbye my one time friend.


Is this a bad connection?
Connection by telephone across the continents
Continents which are currently being explored by you
You have no idea of what you’ve left at home
Home not being where your heart is.
Is this a bad connection?

© Nelma Ward