Friday, April 27, 2007


Old English word, not in current useage, - muscle that draws the eye down when you drink.

This was an exercise we carried out at Clifton Creative Writers Club, using the above word in a short piece.

I probably have an over active bibitory, or certainly one which has had lots of exercise.
Not an awfully useful muscle I must admit, but when it does work it sure has some variety to look at!
The cups that I have used, bibitory working away, hold many things, but to get that excited muscle twitching it works best when the cup holds red wine, white wine, champagne, Baileys, port, sherry, gin, vodka or even beer.
In the case where the cup holds some ordinary liquid – tea, coffee, or juice – the bibitory doesn’t get very excited at all, and if its plain water, well, forget it.
Theres something very seductive about the colour and texture of red, wine, white wine and so on, and as I’m a great believer in exercise, I diligently give my bibitory a daily work out.

© Nelma Ward